Rowan Williams, New Statesman

… extraordinary and profoundly moving book.


Mannix’s stories are told with piercing simplicity: and there is no attempt to homogenise, to iron out difficulties or even failures.


A thought-provoking article, as one would expect from the deep-thinking Dr Williams, about the recent literature of dying and death. He reviews With the End in Mind, as well as Caitlin Doughty’s ‘From Here to Eternity: travelling the world to find the Good Death’; Prof Sue Black’s ‘All That Remains: a life in death’; and ‘Waiting for the Last Bus: reflections on life and death’ by former-Bishop Richard Holloway. And all, in his opinion and mine, are fine reads.

Rowan William’s praise for tWith the End in Mind is personal and moving. He even hazards a guess that I am a good person. How I hope that might be true!

It is not often that a book commends itself because you sense quite simply that the writer is a good person; this is one such. 

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